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Standing Order Naloxone Distribution in Massachusetts

Dr. Avik Chatterjee recently published “Broadening access to naloxone:  Community predictors of standing order naloxone distribution in Massachusetts” in Drug and Alcohol Dependence. They found that Naloxone by standing order in Massachusetts increased, there are inequities in dispensing NSO based on ethnicity and location, more NSO is dispensed in areas where more people receive buprenorphine, […]

Dr. Dahianna Lopez on Public Health America

COBRE Pilot Project Awardee, Dr. Dahianna Lopez spoke with Dr. William Latimer on Bronxnet’s Public Health America. Dr. Dahianna Lopez, a tenure-track assistant professor at the College of Nursing at the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Lopez discusses her research on injury prevention as it relates to car crashes, bicycle, and pedestrian injuries, and drug […]

Opioids Overdose Rescue Training Video

We would love for you to view and share this virtual, on-demand, YouTube-hosted SciToons’ Opioids Overdose Rescue training video so that more and more people can learn about opioids, naloxone, how to recognize when someone may be overdosing on opioids, and how to provide life-saving assistance– collaboratively developed by Geoff Capraro, MD, MPH, Ana Bess […]

Correcting Misconceptions to Ensure Appropriate Police Response to Fentanyl Contact

COBRE Investigators Dr. Brandon del Pozo, Dr. Josiah Rich and Dr. Jennifer Carroll published a manuscript in the International Journal of Drug Policy on “Reports of accidental fentanly overdose among police in the field:  Toward correcting a harmful culture-bound syndrome”. “In August 2021, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore released a dramatic video allegedly depicting […]

With Innovation – There is Hope

COBRE on Opioids and Overdose at Rhode Island Hospital holds community hackathon to stimulate creative solutions to the overdose epidemic  Second annual event of the Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) was virtual and finalists may move forward to apply for up to $40K in additional funding  With innovation—there is hope. This was the message […]

COBRE Investigators speak at v-NERIC 2021 Conference

Dr. Rich, Director of the COBRE on Opioids and Overdose co-chairs the Emerging Research on Addiction and Overdose session at the 2021 Rhode Island IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence. Prior to the COVID pandemic, the overdose epidemic in the United States was the worst public health crisis in a century. Since COVID, the epidemic […]

COBRE Investigator Speaks out on Syringe Access

Threading the Needle on Drug Addiction:  New York is right to Legalize Syringes by Brandon Del Pozo New York Daily News | October 20, 2021 “By legalizing the possession of syringes for everyone who injects illicit drugs, New York State has taken an important step in addressing our devastating overdose crisis. As a former NYPD […]

Doctors, advocates press Massachusetts legislature for safe drug consumption sites ‘empirically proven to save lives’

By:  Benjamin Kail | bkail@masslive.com From:  www.masslive.com “Years ago, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone believed supervised consumption sites for drug users were a bad idea. But the 55-year-old mayor — who admitted Monday that he didn’t always handle his own brother’s and cousin’s addiction struggles with enough “humanity and decency” — now finds himself an advocate, […]