CoMBAT Opioid Use Disorder: A Pilot RCT of a Combined Medication assisted and Behavioral Activation Treatment for People Living with Opioid Use Disorder.

Jaclyn White Hughto, PhD, MPH

Jaclyn White Hughto, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Brown School of Public Health

Tel: 401-863-6580

Jaclyn White Hughto, PhD, MPH is a social epidemiologist with expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods and analysis. Her research aims to 1) document the structural-, interpersonal-, and individual-level factors that contribute to health inequities for sexual and gender minorities, individuals living with substance use disorder, and other marginalized populations; and 2) develop and test community-based interventions to improve the health of at-risk communities.

Dr. Hughto has authored more than 50 publications and her research has been cited in testimony before state and federal courts to advance the health of gender minorities.