CoMBAT Opioid Use Disorder: A Pilot RCT of a Combined Medication assisted and Behavioral Activation Treatment for People Living with Opioid Use Disorder

Research Project Leader
5/1/2019 – Present

Jaclyn White Hughto, PhD, MPH

Jaclyn White Hughto, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Brown School of Public Health

Tel: 401-863-6580

Jaclyn White Hughto, PhD, MPH is a social epidemiologist with expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods and analysis. Her research aims to 1) document the structural-, interpersonal-, and individual-level factors that contribute to health inequities for sexual and gender minorities, individuals living with substance use disorder, and other marginalized populations; and 2) develop and test community-based interventions to improve the health of at-risk communities.

Dr. Hughto has authored more than 50 publications and her research has been cited in testimony before state and federal courts to advance the health of gender minorities.