Monitoring newborn sleep to improve treatment and outcomes from opioid exposure

Former Pilot Project Awardee
3/1/2020 – 7/30/2020

Amy Salisbury, PhD, RN, PMH-CNS, BC

Amy Salisbury, PhD, RN, PMH-CNS, BC

Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Innovation, Professor

Virginia Commonwealth University
School of Nursing

Tel: (804) 828-2095

Amy Salisbury is an associate professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the Alpert Medical School at Brown University. She is a clinical research scientist and advanced practice nurse clinician at Women & Infants’ Hospital and the Brown Center for the Study of Children. Her research is dedicated toward improving mental health outcomes for infants and children at risk for psychopathology by examining sleep and neurobehavioral development from the fetal period through childhood. Clinically, she works with families and their infants to help establish healthy sleep and circadian rhythms from the earliest days post-birth due to the critical role of infant sleep and regulation to long-term child outcomes. She directs the recently established Family Care Follow-up Clinic for substance exposed newborns and their families at Women & Infants’. Dr. Salisbury’s program of research focuses on fetal and infant outcomes related to prenatal conditions and exposures, primarily maternal depression, SSRI exposure, and maternal smoking. She is now expanding her program to extend her expertise toward examining alterations in sleep development in opioid exposed newborns