COBRE on Opioids and Overdose ‘Hackathon’

1st Place; Mainstay RI

2nd Place: The We-Can App

3rd Place: Block MMP

A hackathon is any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems. Hacking involves finding creative solutions to problems. It does not have to include technology. The COBRE on Opioids and Overdose’s Hackathon is meant to gather community members, students, and professionals to brainstorm innovative solutions to the opioid-involved overdose crisis.

Our goal for the 2020 hackathon was to inspire individuals to come together and change the course of the devastating opioid and overdose crisis in Rhode Island. This is a particularly complex challenge, and we were ecstatic when people from so many different professional backgrounds mingled and worked together to formulate solutions to combat the opioid epidemic. For this hackathon, we encouraged participants to stimulate conversations, share ideas, and form collaborations to address one or a combination of three different topic areas:

  1. Community strategy for opioid overdose—an idea for the community that focuses on a community-based problem related to opioid overdose
  2. Healthcare solutions to opioid overdose—an idea that addresses a problem of the healthcare system or healthcare setting related to opioid overdose
  3. Policy solutions to opioid overdose—an idea that addresses a drug policy or health policy problem related to opioid overdose

We are excited to learn and grow from this experience and make the 2021 COBRE Hackathon an even bigger success.

A special recognition and congratulations to our winners!

1st Place; Mainstay RI: Michael Beauregard, Hannah Daglish, Tim Maly, Ivy Lim, Nahmee Kwak, Leigh Hubbard

A safe place to ease the stress, anxiety, and stigma after an overdose revival in the emergency room.


2nd Place: The We-Can App: Cameron Pierce, Emily Duff, Courtney Grant, Brian Bishop; Austin Quinn

Two separate teams were awarded second place in hopes that they could combine their complimenting app ideas that were designed to prevent death from overdose.


3rd Place: Block MMP: Teddy Gadie, Zey Win, Heidi Peterson, Anthony Dutra, Varshith Anilkumar, Will Britton

A software to aid in the ease of transferring and looking up most recent methadone doses so patients do not have to miss a dose of their medication.