Feasibility Study: The We-Can App

In September 2019, the COBRE hosted a 2-day Hackathon event, where community members, students, and professionals gathered to brainstorm innovative solutions to the opioid crisis. To transform these creative problem-solving ideas into real-world applications, the We-Can app was awarded with COBRE funding to as part of the COBRE’s Translational and Transformative Core.

The third-place winner, the We-Can app, is a free mobile application, available on iOS and Android in both English and Spanish, whose mission is to equip individuals with information and resources to help them access treatment for opioid use disorder and understand the risks of medications for opioid use disorder. The We-Can app is designed to educate patients, concerned family members, friends, and citizens about stigma experienced by those who have a substance use disorder associated with opioids, and about available harm reduction and treatment options. Currently, We-Can is partnering with CVS pharmacy to pilot the app in 4 pharmacies in southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with the long-term goal of expanding to the greater Northeast region in the next year.